Mirka ROS2 510CV 125mm 10,0

Numéro de produit: MR-510THCV
MIRKA® ROS2 510CV (Central Vacuum) is a feature-packed 125 mm pneumatic two-handed sander.The machine combines heavy duty performance and durability with low profile, light weight, ergonomic styling which makes it easy to handle and results in excellent stability during operation. The optional side handle (included in the kit) provides an extra gripping point to further increase control and reduce effort. This is an excellent machine for fast cutting in more demanding sanding operations. MIRKA® ROS2 510CV has a 10,0 mm orbit, with a black nickel color on the lever. This two-handed sander is developed for fast cutting in more demanding sanding operations.

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Spécifications techniques

Puissance 343
Vitesse (tr/min) 12000
Excentricité (mm) 10
Dimension du plateau (pouces) 5
Diamètre du plateau (mm) 125
Poids (kg) 1.2
Niveau sonore, LpA db(A) 83
Niveau de vibration (m/s²) 3.5
Dust system Aspiration centralisée
Model name Mirka ROS2 510CV
Pression (bar) 6,2
Plateau inclus (code) 8292502011
Consomamation d'air (l/min) 594
Product class Pneumatic tool


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