Product Group:  44A
A high class abrasive with a wide application area. The focus of the optimization work has been the sanding of hard wood such as beech, birch and oak. The strong antistatic paper provides dimensionally accurate and reliable wide belts. Full resin bonding and aluminium oxide grain guarantee a very durable product. Silicon carbide grain used in the coarsest grit gives extra strength to the product. These qualities together with a well adjusted coating density make Jepuflex Antistatic a genuine all-round product that works well also on metal, plastic and lacquer.


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Technical Specifications

Grain Aluminium oxide/Silicon carbide
Color Maroon
Backing Antistatic T-paper/F-paper
Bonding Resin over resin
Grit range P36-P400
Coating Closed

Suited For

Wood Processing
Do It Yourself

Machine Spare Parts