PROS Sander 5"/5mm 550NV, 1/Pkg

PartNr: MRP-550NV
Mirka® PROS NV (Non-vacuum) 5" with 5mm random orbit is constructed from high quality materials that deliver long term durability, ensuring you will enjoy the outstanding performance of your sander long into the future. Optimized ergonomics make it comfortable for long operating periods and allow for two handed use.


Technical Specifications

Power (W) 270
Speed (rpm) 12000
Orbit (mm) 5
Size of pad (mm) 125
Size of pad (in) 5
Weight (kg) 0.89
Noise Level, LpA (dB) 74
Vibration level (m/s²) 2.4
Dust system Non vacuum
Work pressure (bar) 6,2
Pad included (code) 8292501011
Air consumption (l/min) 485

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