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Round Tool Manufacturing

Production of Endmills, Drills, and Other Tools

Round tools shape our modern world, and Mirka® Cafro’s superabrasive wheels shape the round tools. Each feature of a tool needs the correct wheel to shape it, precisely, efficiently, and consistently.

A high-quality tool is made from high speed steel (HSS) or tungsten carbide and is produced by the precision grinding and shaping of round stock using specialized tool grinding machines. The working properties of the tool are set by the specific angles and characteristics of the cutting edges created during grinding. This grinding process can take place with or without coolant, but the greatest efficiency is achieved by using high-pressure coolant on a high-end machine.

Whether for cut-off, fluting, gashing, clearance, or other operations, Mirka® Cafro grinding wheels provide the cutting power, wheel life, precision, and thermal control you need to manufacture precision tungsten carbide round tooling: endmills, drills, reamers, routers, taps, and more. Continue on to find out more about our products and solutions.

Wide Range of Mirka® Cafro Wheels

  • Resin, metal, and hybrid-bonded wheels are available
  • Mirka R&D department is working to develop new bonds and qualities to meet the need for greater wheel performance. Our HP hybrid-bonded wheels are a prime example.
  • Stocked and standard wheel options allow you to quickly identify and order the right wheel for your machine and specific operation
  • Grind precisely and efficiently while leaving an optimal surface finish

Flute Grinding

Flute grinding is an operation that pushes the limit of what a superabrasive wheel can do. The wheel is in full contact with a rotating tool blank, cutting the characteristic flutes of an end mill or drill. Fluting demands an aggressive cutting wheel that is able to handle the intense heat and forces generated by the deep grinding zone, all while maintaining its profile and leaving an acceptable finish. It takes a quality wheel; Mirka® Cafro fluting wheels are up to the challenge.


Gashing is a challenging operation, requiring the superabrasive wheel to maintain its precise profile while still removing a large amount of material. It takes the right combination of bond, grit, and abrasive quality to ensure that the tool produced is balanced, strong, and perfectly suited for its task. Mirka® Cafro gashing wheels are here to make it possible.

Clearance Grinding

Clearance grinding is a critical operation in any round tool manufacturing process. It ensures that the tool feeds easily and cuts smoothly. A superabrasive wheel used for clearance grinding must hold its shape while leaving an optimal surface finish and precisely removing material to achieve the proper cutter geometry. With Mirka® Cafro grinding wheels, clearance angle grinding can be performed efficiently and effectively.

Cut Off

The cut-off operation is a key step in the production of round tools. It requires speed, rigidity, and thermal stability to accomplish efficiently and precisely. Mirka® Cafro cut-off wheels make quick work of this demanding operation and help you deliver a quality tool.

Choose the Right Wheel for Your Operation

With our standard selection of wheels for tungsten carbide round tool manufacturing, we want to make the wheel selection process easy for you. 

The wheels are divided into three quality categories - Silver• Gold•• Platinum••• that are optimized for your specific machine and pace of operations.


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Mirka® Cafro HP - Higher Removal in Less Time

Mirka® Cafro´s new HP hybrid bond sets the new industry standard for high material removal

  • Faster grinding requires higher performance
  • Improved thermal control
  • Engineered for efficient removal
  • A single pass can be enough