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Automotive Paint Masking

Masking Tapes and Films for Vehicles

Paint masking is one of the most important steps taken in automotive refinishing and collision repair before any paint is applied onto the car, and masking tapes and films have a significant role in pre-painting preparation. The end result of a paint process can depend on something so simple yet crucial as application of masking supplies.

Mirka offers high-quality tapes and protective films for different masking purposes, for making sure the paint process is carried out in a controlled fashion, for reaching the best possible finish.

Mirka Essentials

The Mirka Essentials product range consists of supplies and accessories considered essential in paint refinishing, collision repair, polishing and other surface finishing work. In the Essentials product range, you will find masking tapes, masking films, paint mixing supplies and other materials that are required in the preparation, all conveniently supplied from Mirka - so you know they all work together in perfect harmony.

Precise Masking You Can Rely On

Mirka® Essentials masking tapes and films protect the vehicle during refinishing work. A well-done preparation with reliable supplies makes the clean-up phase easier, saving time and trouble.

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Taping vehicle when masking the area to be painted

Masking Solutions

Mirka® Masking solutions include masking films, masking paper, masking tapes and accessories. A full range of high-quality masking products caters to meet the professional requirements within the automotive refinishing and collision repair trade.

Our tapes are designed for secure adhesion with clean removal, making them suitable for both metallic and plastic surfaces. They provide flexibility and conformability for precise masking. We provide efficient solutions for masking complete panels and blending paint in partial refinishing processes.

Masking vehicle with Mirka Essentials Films

Efficient and Time-Saving Masking

The importance of using masking tape also comes from the need to paint panels and sections of the car while they are still in place. Naturally, one of the safest ways to paint a panel or a component is to completely remove it from the vehicle and paint it separately in a booth where paint spray can be controlled the best, but this introduces removal and reassembly time into the preparation and finishing processes. With modern cars, components such as doors and hatches are increasingly complicated to remove, so it is understandable to leave them in place for painting.

With quality masking tapes and films, the component can be left on the vehicle and painted in place without fear of overspray reaching the rest of the vehicle and marring the finish elsewhere, saving time in preparation and post-paint work – and eliminating problems in component removal and refitting.

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