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Group image of all Mirka power tools.

Award-winning Sanders and Polishers

Ergonomic and easy to use tools

Mirka's power tools are designed with the user in focus, always giving you the best and most efficient sanding experience. Awarded several times for our innovative tool design, most of our electric sanding tools are also the smallest and lightest on the market.

The tool must be perfect for the user

The Story of Mirka Power Tools

Mirka is celebrating over a decade of its Power Tools division—producing power tools that are especially well suited for all users and different sanding applications.

Caj Nordström, Product Development Manager, remains humble about the awards that products such as the DEROS have earned.

“Winning our first award told us we had gotten the design right. But the most important feedback of course comes from end-users, who work with our power tools every day. The tool must be perfect for the user.”


Mirka® AOS-B, Mirka® ARP-B, Mirka® DEOS, and Mirka® DEROS

World Tool Awards

In 2021, four of our power tools won the "World Tool Award". The winners are:
Mirka® AOS-B, Mirka® ARP-B
Mirka® DEOS, and Mirka® DEROS.

Jury motivation: Quality, Ergonomics, and Innovation

Mirka® AROS-B denibbing cordless sander

SEMA Show - Global Media Award

The Mirka® AROS-B was one of the Global Media Award Winners at The SEMA Show 2019. Our cordless denibbing tool was selected as one of the top products at the show, picked among thousands of candidates. 

Learn More about our Cordless Tools

Mirka LEROS® - the lightest and most advanced ceiling and wall sander

Red Dot - Best of the Best

Mirka LEROS® received the Red Dot: Best of the Best Award 2018 for groundbreaking design 2018. It is the lightest wall and ceiling sander on the market with a flexible sanding head and a brushless motor, which are all contributing to the user-friendliness of the tool. 

“We are very honored and proud of this prestigious recognition. There are years of determined development work behind Mirka LEROS. There was a clear market need for a light and ergonomic wall and ceiling sander. The high demand that we can see today and the continuously growing sales figures are clearly showing that we managed to answer the market need and develop something that will revolutionize the market”, says Mirka’s CEO Stefan Sjöberg.



Learn more about Mirka® LEROS

Mirka AOS-B Cordless Sander

Red Dot - Design Award

The smallest battery spot repair sander on the market, Mirka AOS-B 130NV, designed in collaboration with the Swedish design company Veryday, has been awarded for high-quality design in the discipline Red Dot Award: Product Design 2017.

The ergonomic design has been a priority and makes the sander easy to move from job to job and allows users to operate the product for a long period without fatigue while delivering good control over the sanding process. The small and ergonomic tool also provides economical and consistent performance for the duration of the sander’s battery life, which can last up to 16 hours when used for spot repair applications.


Learn more about the Mirka AOS-B

The lightest random orbital sander - Mirka® DEROS

Red Dot - Industrial Design Award

Thanks to its high efficiency patented brushless motor, the award-winning sander has plenty of power to get the job done fast and dust-free.

It is ergonomic, easy to use, and the innovative design gives you many benefits like speed, low maintenance, long lifespan.

Learn more about the Mirka® DEROS

We always appreciate to hear from you

Meet Our Clients

Here’s what some of our customers say about our tools, abrasives, and solutions.

Decorative Painter, France

Mirka's Dust-Free Solutions

Having the right tools for the right sanding application is crucial if you want to exceed expectations in the finish, whether you work on something new or doing renovation work. For Alexandre Lardy, plasterer and decorative painter from France, choosing a dust-free solution from Mirka was an easy choice.

"One thing I’ve really liked and that struck me immediately is the dust extraction aspect.

I have the impression that I’m not sanding at all, so effective is the extraction – I get absolutely no dust."

Nautor's Swan, Finland

High-Quality Finish

For Finnish yacht builder Nautor, a high-quality finish is about respecting the company’s roots and heritage, and it takes the best kind of power tools and abrasives to accomplish that. Benny Brännbacka from Nautor shares with us what it means to collaborate with Mirka, and how important client satisfaction is when building spectacular yachts with Mirka's solutions.

"Working with Mirka is very good, we are continuously collaborating."


Contact us to learn more about our marine solutions

Bodyshop MH-Color, Finland

Mirka's Dust-Free Solutions

Consistent high quality is the key to customer satisfaction – a happy customer means a professional body shop has done its job well. Mika Rönnqvist from MH-Color in Finland trusts Mirka products to reach the best possible finish.

"I would recommend Mirka power tools for everybody. Their power tools stand out in several ways, both when it comes to ergonomics and the size of the tools. You can really tell that Mirka has been one step ahead with electric motors in sanders."

Salvi Harps, Italy

Mirka's Dust-Free Solutions

True dedication is something that is hard to define. For Enzo Vizzone of Salvi Harps, it means creating uniquely finished instruments and helping the beautiful harp music to be heard around the world. 

"For us, the finishing process is the most important one."

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