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Mirka abrasives and compounds go hand-in-hand with Mirka power tools and supplies—created to perform best together. Combine Mirka products and know-how for a streamlined solution that is easily applied time-after-time, for a consistent high-quality finish.

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Sand Better, Polish Less - learn how to save time and money in yacht surface finishing

To help companies offer more cost-effective surface finishing solutions to their customers as well as a safer working environment to their employees, Mirka has created its own, alternative process that is introduced in this paper.

Learn all about how yacht manufacturers and yacht maintenance companies can save valuable time and money by sanding better and polishing less!

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With our Marine Savings Calculator, you can estimate potential savings using a Mirka finishing process compared to a currently used yacht finishing process. The calculator is suitable for motor boats as well as sailboats.

Marine Savings Calculator