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Automotive Industry Finishing process with Mirka products.

Automotive Industry

The way to increase productivity at the manufacturing stage is to look at the complete process.

Efficiency means working smarter, not harder. With proper equipment, you can increase your efficiency and reduce the risk of costly errors at the same time. Boost your business with a Mirka surface finishing solution.

Applications for body in white, e-coat, and primer

Consistent Quality for All Finishing

Our capacity for cutting-edge technology assures that our tools and systems are easy to work with, which guarantees a consistent result and a high-quality finish. We approach every job with the same repeatable process, suitable for every professional. This ensures a top-quality finishing on all kinds of surfaces when manufacturing vehicles. We provide solutions for finishing the body in white, both steel and aluminium, e-coat and primer applications.

We work closely with OEMs, automotive manufacturers, and vehicle producers all around the world to develop innovative and advanced surface finishing solutions. We are continuously developing healthier, safer and more efficient products and processes.

With the wide Mirka product range, we can offer solutions that work for both one-step and two-step processes for most clearcoat and top coat systems.

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The complete process for metal conditioning

Solutions for Automotive Body in White

An automotive body-in-white requires the best processes and solutions before any electrocoating, primer or paint is applied. Its metal and composite surfaces, from sheetmetal to seams and hard-to-reach areas, must be conditioned, sanded and grinded to reach the best possible quality in the finished vehicle.

Choose the correct abrasives and tools for an efficient working process on a body-in-white.

Read more about Solutions for Body-in-White

Defect-free perfection under the layers of paint

E-Coat and Primer Quality Control

Electro-coating, also called the e-coat, provides rust protection. As the vehicle is dipped completely in the e-coat application process, it is the only fully covering layer. The primer layer is only applied on visible surfaces.

For e-coat and primer quality control, choose from our wide range of abrasives, tools and accessories. The unique Mirka dust-free solution, consisting of net abrasives and power tools, is a superior choice.

Read more about Electrocoat and Primer

Surface finish quality for automotive suppliers

Tier 1 and Suppliers

Tier 1 suppliers manufacture parts for automotive and transport OEMs, which means the quality of the supplied body parts must match the quality and surface perfection of the complete vehicle.

Mirka provides many different sanding solutions for sanding plastic, fiber reinforced plastic and other composite parts, from abrasives to tools, for removing any defects or flaws from the molding process.

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For you and the environment

Sustainable Mirka

For us, it has always been clear to not waste financial or material resources – our own or yours. It is equally clear to preserve the planet’s resources. Sustainability, for us, means taking the economy, the earth, and people into consideration when we make business decisions.

We work hard to conserve energy and raw materials, reduce waste, increase recycling, and decrease the use of persistent chemicals. We are developing healthier, safer, and more efficient products and processes so that you will benefit. For example, our dust-free sanding systems help protect the lungs when sanding while giving a cleaner and better surface finish.


Learn more about our Sustainability program


For Mirka corporate responsibility is at the very core of how we conduct business. As stated in our values, all parts of our operations are driven to be responsible, committed, innovative and respectful.

In practice, this means ensuring that what we do in terms of sustainability, occupational health and safety, compliance and legislation as well as management systems are an integral part of every department.

Learn more what Responsibility means to Mirka