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Woman sanding with a Deros a piece of wood

Dust-free Sanding Solutions

For improved environment, efficiency and business

Explore the benefits of our pioneering sanding solutions and see how a healthy working environment, improved efficiency and a high-quality finish improve your business.

Mirka’s journey in dust-free sanding started over 20 years ago. Our revolutionary net abrasive, the Mirka Abranet® was the start of a new dust-free philosophy that expanded to cover new abrasives and power tools, all for one purpose: to make sanding better.

The Benefits of Dust-free Sanding

The benefits of Mirka sanding solutions have a direct impact on:

  • Improved health – by reducing exposure to harmful sanding dust
  • Improved bottom-line results – by saving time and money

Dust facts

The most dangerous types of dust are the ones with small particles. They are called PM2.5 and can be inhaled deep into the lungs. Mirka's dust-free solutions are 97.97% effective at removing particles smaller than 0.3µm in size.* 

  * High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) Filtration

Download Health miniguide

This is Abranet®

Mirka Abranet net abrasive on a dust extracting backing pad

Developed more than 20-years ago, Mirka Abranet® features a net structure instead of a conventional paper backing. This results in extremely efficient on-tool dust removal that improves both the work quality and the working environment. The Abranet product family has expanded to cover many different areas of sanding. Read more about our net abrasives and dust-free solutions in this brochure.

Download Abranet® brochure


Business Benefits from Dust-free Sanding

Mirka dust-free efficiency guide

Removing dust is one of the best choices for making your workplace more efficient. A dust-free environment reduces clean-up time—meaning fewer hours for you and your team, providing you more time on the refinishing itself. 

Less mess, less stress

Eliminating dust can be tedious. Not only does working with Mirka dust-free systems leave your workplace cleaner, but it also makes sanding more efficient. 

Download Efficiency miniguide

For dust-free sanding

Dust Extraction With Efficient Dust Extractors

Today, sanders and abrasives are designed to be more efficient, with a focus on dust-free applications. This development places higher requirements on the dust extractors. Mirka’s range of dust extractors and accessories meet the demands of the market and of the health and safety authorities. Our dust extractor range is designed for dust-free sanding with both electric and pneumatic sanders as well as hand sanding blocks.

Learn more about dust extraction for dust-free sanding

Preventing Dust: Q & A

Woman sanding window pane with Mirka dust-free system
How can I sand without getting dust everywhere?

Sanding naturally creates dust, and this is something Mirka takes seriously. By using on-tool dust extraction, dust can be safely removed from the working surface without it ending up in the air, on your skin, or your lungs. Mirka dust extractors deposit the dust safely in an easily emptied bag.

Why is it important to use dust extraction instead of cleaning the surface often?

By extracting dust while sanding, particles big and small are removed from the working surface and drastically minimize the invisible dust that can stay airborne for longer periods of time and subsequently build-up in the lungs.

Is all dust the same?

No, there are differences between types of dust. The most dangerous dust is the so-called invisible dust that can pass easily into the lungs and bloodstream, where they can increase a person's risk of serious disease. The smallest and most common form of dust has already been in the air long before it settles on surfaces.

Paint residue can be highly toxic and dust from hardwood is extremely harmful if inhaled for long periods of time.

This is why, even though we created the best abrasive for a dust extraction tool, we still recommend wearing protective gear.

Do dust-free tools make protective gear unnecessary?

Even though Mirka’s dust-free solution removes almost all dust from the air, protective gear should be used to protect your health. Please refer to instructions provided by your local authorities.

Are all sand papers compatible with dust-free power tools and extractors?

Yes and no. Compatible sanding papers are available, but to get the highest level of dust-free performance, net abrasives must be used.

Is dust-free equipment maintenance-free? 

All equipment requires maintenance. To maintain the highest level of dust-free performance, filters, dust bags and abrasives should be replaced regularly. In addition, we do recommend regular cleaning of your sander.

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Meet Our Clients

Here’s what some of our customers say about our tools, abrasives, and solutions.

Kauhavan Puutyö, Finland

Mirka's Dust-Free Solutions

Kauhavan Puutyö has over 30 years of experience in manufacturing and reconstructing workbenches, serving a diverse set of clients. Thanks to Mirka's dust-free solutions they can work more efficiently with better results.

"52 hours saved yearly thanks to Mirka's solutions. More time to create something new."

Paint Pot Ladies, UK

Mirka's Dust-Free Solutions

Tired of feeling like a snowman when the working day is over? Try Mirka’s dust-free sanding solutions and save both time and money. Sarah Hillberg from Paint Pot Ladies told us what dust-free sanding means to her.

"It's not only great for me, but it's also great for my customers because there is no dust going into our lungs."

Milton Martin Toyota, USA

Mirka's Dust-Free Solutions

Ronnie Thomas, Collision Center Manager, at Milton Martin Toyota told us about how switching to Mirka’s dust-free sanding solution saves them both time and money.

"We were changing air filters weekly, now we're changing air filters monthly."

Pioneers of dust-free sanding

Over 20 years ago Abranet® was invented and revolutionized sanding. This is how it all started. 

Discover our other products

The Net Range

Net Abrasives are improtant part of the Mirka dust-free sanding solution in their various sizes, forms and grit options.

Check out our line of Net Abrasives

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