Dust-Free Sanding Solutions

Explore the multiple benefits of our dust-free sanding solutions and discover how a healthy working environment, better efficiency,  and high-quality finishes can improve your business. 

Ready to go dust-free?

Ready to go Dust-Free?

Every job has its own unique requirements which is why Mirka offers customized solutions and can recommend processes to help you optimize your surface finishing.

No matter what the task, choosing Mirka and dust-free sanders and sanding systems enables you to achieve your surface finishing goals while also maximizing productivity and minimizing costs.

Ready to go Dust-Free


Employees are your company’s most important assets and when your employees work in an unhealthy environment, they are more prone to illness and it ends up costing you more.

Mirka’s dust-free sanding solutions offer health benefits to workers because of reduced exposure to harmful sanding dust. The benefits aren’t just improved health, but also improved bottom-line results.

The most dangerous types of dust are the ones with small particles. They are called PM2.5 and they can be inhaled deep into the lungs. Mirka’s dust-free solutions are 99.99% effective at removing particles smaller than 0.3µm in size.

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The Mirka Net Family

Twenty years ago, Mirka first introduced Abranet, an abrasive that features a net structure instead of a conventional paper backing. This results in extremely efficient on-tool dust removal that improves both the work quality and the working environment.

View the complete net family of Abranet here.

Abranet family

Mirka Health Guide

Keeping your employees healthy and safe.

Incorporating sanders with dust extraction means your employees work in a clean and ergonomic environment. Healthy workers are more likely to do their job in an efficient way.

Healthy employees require fewer days off, which saves companies money.

Recognizing environmental hazards and the associated severe health risks is the first step in improving the working conditions, health, efficiency and work motivation of your employees.

“We were changing our air filters weekly, now we're changing them monthly.”


TESTIMONIAL Milton Martin Collision Center, USA

Ronnie Thomas, Collision Center Manager, at Milton Martin Toyota told us how switching to Mirka’s dust-free sanding solution saves them both time and money.

Mirka Efficiency Guide

Become more efficient and improve your quality of work.

Dustless sanding is the best choice for making your workplace more efficient.

A dust-free environment reduces time to completion, meaning fewer man-hours for you. Then, you can focus on what is essential: spending more time on the refinishing itself.

Eliminating dust is often very stressful because you need to spend lots of time getting rid of it completely.
Not only does dust-free leave your workplace clean, but it also makes sanding stress-free.