Masking Tapes and Film

Whether you are masking around corners, rubber trims and moldings, straight lines, or curves, we have the products you need. Our Masking offering includes basic to premium foam tapes, blending, fine line, and perforated tapes.

Premium Masking Film – ensure fast, easy, and complete vehicle masking without ghosting and paint flaking

Foam Masking Tape –Premium and Traditional, these high-density, soft foam tapes mask and seal all common bodywork gaps

Orange Fine Line Masking Tape – thin, translucent tapes give a view to the painted surface

Yellow Line Masking Tape – withstands 120° C oven use with instant adhesion and clean removal

White Line Masking Tape – withstands 100° C oven use with instant adhesion and clean removal

DUO Masking Tape – mask rubber seals to protect the inside with easy-to-tear perforated sections

Perforated Lifting Tape - lifts rubber trims and moldings and protects trim during painting

Fastening and Specialty Tapes

These additions to our Essentials product line bring more specialty products that streamline the paint preparation process to help you achieve a superior finish.

Double-Sided Tape – high-tack and high-strength performance acrylic adhesive, ideal for internal and external fastening

Black Cloth Tape – With twice as many threads per inch than standard cloth gaffer tape, it can be torn in both directions.

Clear Emblem Tape – Self-Cutting adhesive strip for reattaching logos, decals, and badges



How-To Video

Highly versatile DUO SPLIT masking tape to mask rubber seals around the vehicle, protecting the inside from overspray, as well as for protection when spraying individual panels. Speeds up the masking and decreases the amount of masking products. Perforated sections makes it easy to tear.