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About Mirka USA

Mirka USA, Inc. is a leader in the surface finishing industry, offering a broad range of sanding solutions for the automotive, industrial, wood, metal and precision industry markets.

At Mirka USA, you will find a company culture where employees at all levels play on the same field, where we all have each other’s backs.  Everyone is quick to pitch in and help out, even when it’s not in their “Job description”.

Mirka employees are the key factor in our company’s success and are rewarded for it—with excellent pay and bonus programs for all employees, extraordinary benefits, and other special perks.

We know most people don't dream about working at an abrasives company. Many of us felt the same way—but that changed the day we started here.


"Mirka gives employees the space to create and the support to learn."

We call it the Mirka Family for a reason.

Hear what some of our employees say about why they like working for Mirka:

"I think that Mirka has a culture of a cohesive team and a spirit of encouraging creativity."

"I like working for Mirka because I feel like I am a key factor in the company’s success and they recognize that."

"Mirka is an awesome work environment because of the good people here.  Mirka provides you with everything you need to succeed." 

"The People – part of a family! And the benefits are awesome!"

"This Company has treated me like family, always willing to help in any way."

"Great Products and Great People." 

"It is as simple as: Mirka takes great care of its employees!"