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Gelcoat Mold Sanding and Polishing

Man polishing and sanding a mould for yacht production.

Preparing and Finishing Molds in Boat and Yacht Production

Facing harsh conditions with salt, water and wind, marine surfaces need to be built to last. It all starts with the hull and for that, you need a plug and mold to construct a frame that gives the boat or watercraft its shape and strength.

One of the keys to success in mold construction is proper surface preparation of the plug. Any imperfections on the surface will be transferred to the mold, and then to future parts made from that mold, meaning corrective work and a high standard of finish is more important than ever. In addition, a smoother outer surface on the mold will require less work on the finish.

With Mirka’s net and multihole abrasives, ergonomic sanders and efficient dust extraction, you can work faster and more efficiently while improving work safety.

For a better finish

Mold Gelcoat Sanding and Polishing

Prepare for Success – Why Surfaces Matter when Creating Molds

Why do you need to have a consistently smooth surface on a mold?

There are two types of molds, male and female. Male molds are faster and cheaper to make. Each part produced will have a rough outer texture that will need more work on the finish. Female molds are often more expensive, but they require less work on the finish because every part gets a smoother outer surface.

Nautor's Swan, Finland

High-Quality Finish

For Finnish yacht builder Nautor, a high-quality finish is about respecting the company’s roots and heritage, and it takes the best kind of power tools and abrasives to accomplish that. Benny Brännbacka from Nautor shares with us what it means to collaborate with Mirka, and how important client satisfaction is when building spectacular yachts with Mirka's solutions.

"Working with Mirka is very good, we are continuously collaborating."


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Why Choose Mirka?

Save time and money – You can cut costs and reduce the time per job

Why Choose Mirka?

Sand and polish safely without strain – Our tools and abrasives are ergonomic, efficient, and easy to use

Why Choose Mirka?

Improve the quality of work – The finish is excellent, with less effort

Abrasives made for dust-free sanding

Dust-Free Pioneers

Mirka, the Dust-Free Pioneers, started the transformation to better sanding over 20-years-ago with Abranet abrasives, still the leading net abrasive on the market.

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A better choice for you and the environment

Water-Based Polishes

Mirka' polishes are all water-based and produced in Finland. There are many benefits of choosing a water-based polishing compound.

  • Effective permanent removal of scratches - Water-based compounds remove scratches permanently. Solvent-based compounds can lose gloss after cleaning the surface with a degreaser and in some cases, may only temporarily hide scratches.
  • Safer for the operator - No hazardous chemicals  
  • Sustainable  - Water-based polishes are better for the environment and do not contain benzene or similar hazardous chemicals.



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Solvent-based polishes may be effective in the short run, but they are more damaging and harmful.

Kim Rönnholm

Portfolio Manager, Mirka

More Products for Improving your Marine Surface Finishing Application

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