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Sanding Wooden Door and Window Frames

Man sanding wooden window frame

Sanding Doors and Windows for Advanced Finishing

Get a flawless finish with less dust and better productivity in your manufacturing by using Mirka’s dust-free solutions. Promising effortlessly efficient dustless sanding, the Mirka brand is known for its award-winning sanders. Combine them with Mirka abrasives to achieve an end-result that exceeds expectations.

Door and window frames can be a challenge to sand, due the difficult shapes and working positions. With Mirka tools, sanding even trickier parts can be effortless and efficient.

Get results with Mirka's dust-free solutions

When perfect end result is a must and prevention of occupational hazards is essential, Mirka dust-free solutions are your natural choice.

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Perfection in Every Corner

man sanding wooden window frame dust-free

When you want perfect sanding results without compromising your health

  • Reach every corner 
  • Flawless finish in shorter time
  • No dust, less rework
  • Great ergonomics, taking care of your most valuable asset – you and your people. 

Three steps to perform better

For Almost All Models and Sizes

1. Power tools

Man sanding door frame dust-free power tools

When sanding door and window frames, our recommendation is the Mirka® DEOS 343XCV, the Mirka® DEOS 353XCV or the Mirka® DEOS 383XCV electric orbital sander and for corner sanding, the Mirka® DEOS Delta electric orbital sander. Choose the most suitable pad size for your application: compact 3" x 4", intermediate 3" x 5", longer 3" x 8" or triangular 4" x 6" x 6". These tools are designed with the user’s health and comfort in mind, featuring a low profile, light weightbrushless motor and ergonomic design with minimal vibration levels.


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Dust Off Your Production Processes

2. Abrasives

Dust-free sanding with mesh sand paper

Mirka offers a wide range of effective abrasives and sandpapers for different applications. When sanding door and window frames, we recommend choosing the Mirka Abranet® range of products. The ground-breaking Abranet abrasive is fully formed out of mesh, meaning the entire surface area can be used for dust extraction. Abranet is available in different grits and strengths.

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Full Suction Power

3. Dust extraction

Most Mirka power tools are offered with dust extraction capabilities. Simply by connecting the tool by means of a hose into a dust extractor, dust created from sanding is effectively deposited in a dust extractor that is convenient to use. Not only is the dust removed from the working surface, the amount of dust in the workplace air is also significantly reduced. Our M-class extractors are suitable for harmful wood dusts. However, we recommend using a mask and other protective gear when sanding.

Check out our line of dust extractors

Take care of your health

Your most important asset is you

When you want to perform better and as efficiently as possible, but don't want to inhale dust, Mirka's three-step dust-free solutions are your best friend. When the dust is directed to a dust bag, it doesn't enter your or your customer's lungs.

50% more effective

Work Faster

Another innovation from us is Mirka® DEOS Delta which makes sanding corners faster and easier than ever before.

It has all the great features that our Mirka sanding machines are known for, including:

Great ergonomics
Low weight and low profile

It is easier to sand with it, especially when working on vertical areas.

This new sander has the largest orbital movement of all delta sanders on the market making it the perfect partner for effective and fast stock removal.

Wood sanding without dust

Save Time and Money with a Dust-Free Solution

Exposure to dust poses many hazards to the health and safety of millions of workers. Dust in the workplace can also contaminate or reduce the finishing quality of products and affect worksite productivity. But it’s all preventable.
Try Mirka's pioneering sanding solutions and see how a dust-free working environment can boost your business.

Benefits from Dust-Free Sanding

  • Clean, healthy working environment without airborne or residual dust
  • Improved efficiency with less prep and cleanup
  • Reduced pilling and clogging leads to a fine scratch pattern and a high-quality finish
  • Faster project turnaround with less rework
  • Fewer abrasives used per job and reduced overall maintenance costs
  • Dust-free solutions pay for themselves, boosting profitability

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The number one benefit of dust-free is that you maintain your health.

Mikko Ylihärsilä

Kauhavan puutyö

Kauhavan Puutyö, Finland

Mirka's Dust-Free Solutions

Kauhavan Puutyö has over 30 years of experience in manufacturing and reconstructing workbenches, serving a diverse set of clients. Thanks to Mirka's dust-free solutions they can work more efficiently with better results.

"52 hours saved yearly thanks to Mirka's solutions. More time to create something new."