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The Mirka® ANGOS ARG-B 200 battery powered grinding tool can be used with a variety of abrasive and cutting discs

Mirka® ANGOS Cordless Grinder

Freedom in grinding

The ANGOS battery-powered grinding tool brings cordless convenience wherever you need grinding power.

For all your cordless grinding needs

Suitable Applications

The ANGOS ARG-B-200 is the first battery-powered grinding tool from Mirka. Fitted with abrasive brushes, quick lock discs, hard metal burrs, or cut off wheels, the versatile ANGOS excels at:

  • grinding and sanding metal
  • cleaning after welding
  • surface conditioning
  • cutting and deburring
  • paint removal

The cordless ANGOS works in places where bigger tools can't go, in working positions you choose. Its ergonomic design gives it excellent balance and its light weight – less than two pounds – eases strain and fatigue. A Quick Lock adapter is included.

Variable speed control trigger for optimal control of the process

Wide Adjustability of Tool Speed

You can adjust the Mirka® ANGOS grinding speed between 2,500 and 20,000 rpm with seven steps.

The wide range of speeds makes the Mirka® ANGOS a great fit for a variety of jobs. You can adjust the grinding speed between 2,500 and 20,000 rpm in seven steps. The variable speed control trigger gives the tool a smooth, continuous flow without stopping.

You heard it here first

Reduced Noise Levels

With a quieter yet powerful brushless electric motor, the Mirka ANGOS ARG-B 200 produces a significantly lower noise when performing grinding work.

Mirka’s cordless tools have significant advantages over pneumatic tools, and the reduced noise level is one of the most easily noticed benefits.

With a quiet yet powerful brushless electric motor, the ANGOS produces significantly lower noise when grinding, which means less strain and more comfort for the operator.

Of course, we still recommend wearing hearing protection when grinding, as well as protective gloves and goggles.

Part of the Mirka cordless tool product family

Where Battery Power Means Convenience

The Mirka ANGOS is supplied with two 5.0 Ah batteries to reduce downtime to a minimum – just swap a fully charged battery on to continue working.

Designed with the same careful eye for ergonomics and ease-of-use as other cordless Mirka tools, the ANGOS is ready to perform precision work, especially in areas where larger grinders are difficult to handle, and electrical and pneumatic outlets are out of reach.

The Mirka ANGOS comes with two 5.0 Ah batteries to minimize downtime – just swap a fully charged battery to continue working. Use of only 5.0 Ah batteries is recommended.

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