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Videos for Different Sanding Applications with Mirka® Galaxy

Collision Repairs at the Cutting Edge with Mirka® Galaxy

Paint Process

The fast cut of Mirka's new Galaxy abrasive is well suited for removing paint, feathering paint edges, smoothing body filler and blending paint in a collision repair process, thanks to the wide range of grits. For every step of the refinishing process, there is a suitable Galaxy solution.

High-Quality Finish with Mirka® Galaxy

Post Paint Process

The finer grits of the new Mirka® Galaxy work especially well in rectifying imperfections in automotive refinishing. In a post-paint process, working together with fine Mirka Abralon® grits and Mirka Polarshine® compounds, you can achieve a true high-quality finish.

For a Matte and Satin Finish with Mirka® Galaxy

Solid Surface Sanding Process

Thanks to its consistent scratch pattern and fast cut, the new Mirka® Galaxy makes sanding solid surfaces a smooth process. For a matte or satin finish, continue with Mirlon Total®, compatible with Mirka's dustless solutions for a cleaner workplace.

For a Glossy and High Gloss Finish with Mirka® Galaxy

Solid Surface Sanding Process

With a consistent scratch pattern and fast cut, the new Mirka® Galaxy is an efficient and effortless choice for a solid surface sanding process. The finer grits are especially easy to polish out when going for a glossy or high gloss finish, using Mirka Abralon® for damp sanding and Mirka Polarshine® polishing compounds.

Easy Process with Mirka® Galaxy

Epoxy River Table Sanding

Looking for an easy process to sand epoxy river tables? By sanding with Mirka® Galaxy, the beautiful wood grains stand out and help preserve the unique characteristics and features of the tree. The end result is perfect for furniture of any size: coffee tables, side tables, or even kitchen tables. By combining epoxy and wood, you can use all kinds of wooden material which would otherwise be wasted.

Yachts and Boats

Sanding and Polishing Gelcoat Surfaces with Mirka® Galaxy

Sand and polish production gelcoat surfaces for yachts and boats with Mirka® Galaxy. By adding more sanding steps, it is possible to polish less for an efficient process.