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Sanding solid surfaces with Mirka LEROS-S sander

Mirka® LEROS-S Compact Electric Random Orbital Sander

Reach closer.

S for Short: The Mirka® LEROS-S is a compact 35” length brushless random orbital sander that works on large surfaces in small spaces.

Engineered for large surfaces in confined spaces

Shorter Length, Big Performance

Sanding solid surfaces with the short Mirka LEROS-S

The Mirka LEROS-S sander was designed for effortless sanding of walls and drywall in small spaces such as bathrooms, narrow corridors, and walk-in closets. It is also an ideal sander for large wood and composite surfaces in manufacturing.

The LEROS-S is light, balanced, and easy to handle. Its 9” sanding pad with 5 mm random orbit glides easily across surfaces, making it possible to work quickly and still achieve a high-quality surface finish.

Flexible sanding head for working comfort

High Flexibility

Sanding drywall in confined spaces with the Mirka® LEROS-S

The highly flexible 9” sanding head has amazing maneuverability to make sanding easier and more ergonomic. A better working position reduces muscle strain and makes sanding more comfortable, so fewer breaks are needed.

Two dedicated grip points provide secure control of the sanding tool. When you need a longer reach, the LEROS-S can also be fitted with an extension.

Faster, cleaner, healthier

Dust-Free Sanding Complete System

Sanding in confined spaces makes it even more vital to eliminate dust. Dust-Free Systems featuring LEROS-S provide a cleaner, healthier work environment and better results.

In addition to the time savings from less prep work and cleanup, the dust-free sanding process goes more smoothly. Without clogging, abrasives stay sharp longer and there is less pilling that can cause defects in the sanding surface. Plus, a clearer view allows for more exacting work.

Easy to handle in tight spaces

Mirka® LEROS-S, Short Length Drywall Sander

In construction and decoration work, the LEROS-S shines in sanding bathroom walls, narrow corridors, walk-in closets and more, with two dedicated grip points for full control.

Abrasives made for dust-free sanding

Dust-Free Pioneers

Mirka, the Dust-Free Pioneers, started the transformation to better sanding over 20-years-ago with Abranet abrasives, still the leading net abrasive on the market.

Learn more about our dust-free sanding

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